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About us


Our Mission

Metroedge is a leading company focused on securing customer's environment in order to protect business information and business process from misuse by a relevant potential attacker. The company supplies information security services for the IT in East Africa, that includes Penetration Tests, Cyber attack simulations and security audits and assessments. Metroedge specializes in manual penetration tests in conjunction with automated test to produce the highest level of business-oriented results. Our services also includes guidance in secure-design, implementation and guidelines for either minimizing existing threats, or prevent future threats.



Company profile


With a history of experience and know-how in a multitude of markets, we own and manage a global and technologically advanced POPS in Kenya and Tanzania. We will soon be launching in other East African countries more POPS

With an international connectivity distributed worldwide, Metroedge  can count on a direct connectivity in 15 countries and commercial coverage on a global scale.

Our mission is to give the customer the best that can be found at an affordable rate across countries

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